Musicians and performers listen up.  WTMS HD Radio is now a place for you to perform your music act online.  Advertise your performance and then get users to log in to WTMS and then click on the Web Cam menu item.  Users can buy credits to view your show at $0.25 per minute.  The performers get $0.20 per minute.  That’s $12.00 per hour per audience member.  Get 10 viewers and make $120.00 for a 1 hour show.

Being a performer with WTMS is easy.  Just register a login and choose “performer” as your role on the registration page.  Then go to the Performer Dashboard and Go Live with your performance.  At the end of every two weeks, WTMS will cut checks to pay the performers for their performances.

WTMS is a great place to advertise your performance.  We can record an audio commercial for 1 minute hyping your show for $30.00 on WTMS HD Radio.  We can do an email campaign blasting an email to your listeners for $30.00.  Thirdly, we can place a post on the front page of advertising your upcoming performance for $20.00.

Rock The Planet with
DJ Hemiboso


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